Scott McCollum – Goals

Folcroft Union Church



-    Help with and/or oversee the moving of the Organ and Piano and the redesign of the front of the Sanctuary.

-    Develop a “Worship Response” Pew Card.



-    Continue to strengthen my Prayer Life and Bible study time and continue to invest time into being the Spiritual Leader of my family.

-    Continue to read Christian Leadership, Worship or Theology books.

-    Complete at least one more Backyard Project.

-    Host a BBQ for the Senior High Youth Group.



-    Help finalize the various Elder Teaching/Training materials.

-    Seek and promote more Community Outreach Events.

-    Grow the relationships within the Elders and continue encouraging Accountability and Transparency.

-    Contact and/or visit each member of my Shepherding Group while expanding my visitation skills.

-    Continue building up the men in my mentoring group.

-    Encourage the other Elders to mentor or be a part of a mentoring relationship.

-    Continue to encourage other men to answer God’s call on their hearts for leadership.